About SMWC

Strickland Mutual Water Company is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation, established in 1953. We are registered with the State of California. Corp. #C0271748

We provide domestic, irrigation, and fire protection water to an unincorporated area of Ventura County north of the City of Oxnard in the 93036 zip code.

As a mutual benefit corporation, the company is owned by the residential property owners of the Strickland Tract. If you own residential property in the Strickland Tract, you are a shareholder and hold one share per residential lot (or two shares for an acre lot). The company is governed by a five-member board elected by the shareholders at an annual meeting. Board members must be shareholders; if you are a shareholder you are invited to consider serving on the Board. The company bylaws and articles of incorporation posted on this website provide additional details of how the company may operate.

Mission Statement

Cost effectively, and in compliance with regulations, provide a dependable, high quality supply of water for domestic, irrigation, and firefighting uses. Plan and maintain long term sustainability of the system, organization, personnel, finances, and water resources.

Serving Oxnard Communities Since 1953

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