Metered Rates (since2011) (Base monthly Rate + Rate per 1000gal.)

Customer Type Monthly Base Rate Monthly Base Allocation (gallons) Price Per 1000 gal above allocation and up to 1.5 x allocation Price per 1000 gal over 1.5 x allocation
Single Home (including homes with Granny Flat) $ 76 21,500 $ 1.50 $ 3.00
Home on Acre Lot $ 107 43,000 $ 1.50 $ 3.00
Yubeta Apartments $ 250 43,000 $ 1.50 $ 3.00
Hansen Construction $ 100 21,500 $ 1.50 $ 3.00
Vacant lots with connection $ 32 0 $ 1.50 $ 3.00
Cooks Flowers $ 880 624,500 $ 0.50 $ 3.00
Linda Vista School $ 560 271,500 $ 1.50 $ 1.50


Bounced Check: $25

If a bounced check causes the payment to be late, the $10 fee for late payment also applies.

Credit Card Payments:

Checks are preferred, but Strickland Mutual Water Co. can now accept credit card payments. Contact the company at 805 647-1569 for information.

Late Payment: $10

Payment is late at 30 days from the date the monthly billing is mailed. A late fee of $10 will continue to be applied each month until the customer either pays in full, or enters a negotiated payment plan. Contact the company at 805 647-1569 if you are going to be unable to pay on time.

Shutoff Policy and $50 Fee:

  • The Company will give notice at 60 days delinquency that bill must be paid within 15 days.
  • Counting of the 60 days starts with first day of monthly billing.
  • Turn off and lock at 75 days.
  • Once locked, the customer must pay the full bill, plus a $50 fee before water service is restored.
  • Payment arrangements may be negotiated if a person cannot pay in full but the $50 fee will not be waived after water has been shutoff and locked.
  • Please do not wait till shutoff to contact the company at 805 647-1569 if you are going to be unable to pay on time.

Forgiveness of Excess Use - Policy:

As decided by the Board and recorded in the Minutes of October 27, 2011:

“If requested by a customer, forgiveness of excess use on a bill will be allowed each customer once in any twelve month period, if the customer has exceeded 1 ½ times the base allocation. The forgiveness will apply only for the penalty rate portion of the bill (the portion above 1.5 x the base allocation) -- which would be at no charge, for the forgiven month only.”

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